Getting started

This website is generated using a static website generator called Jekyll.

It makes it easy for us to focus only on the content, not on the layout. This page for example is written in the intuitive (markdown) format, which you might recognize if you used a Jupyter Notebook before.

To see the source code for this page, visit our github repository. No big deal, right? Here are some tips to get you started.

Writing new content



Docs are collections of pages stored under _docs folder. To create a new page:

1. Create a new Markdown as _docs/ (or a subfolder) and write front matter & content such as:

title: My Page
permalink: /docs/my-page/

Hello World!

2. Add the pagename to _data/docs.yml file in order to list in docs navigation panel:

- title: My Group Title
  - my-page

Blog posts

Add a new Markdown file such as and write the content similar to other post examples.

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