Field excursion at the Patscherkofel ski area - Relocation of a station

Apr 6, 2018 • Zora Schirmeister, Lilian Schuster

Finally the Patscherkofel ski area closed at Easter Monday and we were allowed to install one station on the ski slope. For this purpose two students (Lilian and Zora) and the lecturer Fabien went up to the stations by touring skis. Luckily there was still enough snow, or better ice, on the slopes, so that we could start from the parking space with the skis on our feet and not on the back. image unavailable

We were happy to meet our stations as we left them. image unavailable

After overcoming 800 metres altitude difference the real work started: How to get through a thick layer of extremely hard snow? With an ice axe, patience and strong muscles. image unavailable

After the relocation of the station and putting all of the snow back into the hole, the measurement divice’s sensors were cleaned. Of course the fence was moved to protect the stations and the skiers from each other. image unavailable